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Types Of Bicycle

First and foremost you must decide which type of bike you need, and this will be dependent on the type of cycling you plan on doing the most. Will you be road racing, riding in the hills, or using your bike to commute around the city? Each of these circumstances requires a different type of bike so itís important to know what you want before you even go to a bike shop. Click here to go to our explanation of the different types of bikes.

It is also important to buy the right sized bicycle to ensure it is comfortable for you to ride. This will also help you to get the most out of your new bike because if it is too small or too big you will not want to ride it so often. Before heading out to the bike shop get a tape measure and find out which is the right sized bike for you. Your inside leg measurement determines what size frame you will need. For road bikes and hybrids you should multiply your inside leg measurement by 0.65 to give you frame size in inches. If you are unsure tell the shop assistant your inside leg measurement and they will be able to work out the correct size for the type of bike you want to buy.

When you get to the bike shop you should try out a few different bikes, sitting aboard them to test for comfort and then standing above them to check they are the right size. In general, when you stand over the bike there should be 2cm gap between your crotch and the top tube for a touring bike, 3cm for a road bike, 4-6cm for a hybrid bike and at least 6cm for a mountain bike.

So once you have selected the type of bike you want and found one in the right size, it is time to part with your hard earned cash and then get out on the open road with your new bike. But just before you do that, check out the next section for ideas on bike safety and other accessories you might want to buy.


There are many different bike accessories available these days to help keep you safe, and improve the quality and enjoyment of your biking experience. Some of the most useful that really are worth investing in are specialist clothing such as bike gloves and bright coloured jackets for night riding, mirrors to clip on to the handlebars or on the cycle helmet, bike locks to make stealing your bike much harder for potential thieves, and helmets to protect your head from serious injury should you be involved in an accident.

Other accessories you might want to buy if you ride your bike regularly are child carriers, which will allow you to take your children on a bike ride before they can ride for themselves, baskets and panniers so you can take items with you (this is particularly useful for touring or commuting riders), lights for when you ride at night, mudguards to protect your wheels if you ride during wet weather, and bicycle pumps in case you get a flat tyre.
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